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Particle Swarm Optimization 3
Electric Discharge 2
Euclidean distance 2
Genetic Algorithm 2
Harmonics 2
NOX removal 2
Optimization 2
Variable frequency transformer (VFT) 2
current-mode 2
48-pulse GTO thyristor model STATCOM 1
5-Segment SVM 1
7-Segment SVM 1
ATLAS (Silvaco) simulator 1
Activity mining 1
Adaptive inverse models 1
Agent Mobility 1
Analog Building Blocks (ABBs) 1
Analytical approach 1
Application Programmable Interface (API). Domain Specific Languages. 1
Asynchronous 1
Asynchronous power systems 1
Automatic Parking System 1
Automatic Variable Key (AVK) 1
Bacterial foraging optimization 1
Base Stations 1
Bi-angle shape skirted footing 1
Biometrics 1
Bisection method 1
Business Process Management 1
Business Process Redesign 1
CUnit 1
Carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNFET) 1
Charge pump (CP) 1
Combines Cycle Generation Technology (CCGT) 1
Compensator 1
Composite generation and transmission system 1
Concentric Circular Antenna Arrays 1
Congestion management 1
Contact 1
Control Flow Metrics1 1
Conventional SRAM cell 1
Convergence 1
Cross Lingual Information Retrieval 1
DC motor 1
Data Mining 1
Datapath 1
Dead Zone 1
Delay calculation 1
Denoising 1
Deposition rate 1
Deregulation 1
Dielectric Barrier Discharge Cross Flow Reactor (CFR) 1
Diesel engine exhaust 1
Differential Evolution (DE) Algorithm. 1
Digital FIR filter 1
Digital Gate 1
Dimension reducing distribution load flow (DRDLF) 1
Discrete event control system 1
Distributed Database 1
Distributed Generation 1
Distributed Source coding 1
Distributed Transaction 1
Distributed arithmetic (DA) 1
Distribution Networks 1
Diversity 1
Double IFA (DIFA) 1
Dynamic Fragment Allocation 1
Electrical Distribution Network 1
Electricity market 1
Electronic System 1
Enterprise Software 1
Enterprise Software Systems 1
FIR Filter 1
FLC. 1
Fast Fourier Transform 1
Fault detection 1
Feedback control 1
Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) 1
Filtered diesel exhaust. 1
Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter 1
Flood plain 1
Flow distribution 1
Fluent Interfaces 1
Fly-back 1
Fragmentation 1
Frequency 1
Fuel cell 1
Fused Deposition by Electrochemical Discharge 1
Fuzzy C-means clustering 1
Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) 1
GA 1
Gabor transform 1
Gabor wavelets 1
Generation Expansion Planning (GEP) 1
Genetic algorithm 1
Gerschgorin theorem 1
Goal programming 1
Goertzel algorithm 1
Gust Pressures 1
HOAP-2 1
Handover Decision Vector 1
Heuristic Method 1
Hidden Markov Model 1
High Resolution 1
High-k stack 1
Hyperbolic Cosine window 1
Hysteresis Current Controller (HCC) 1
IC 1
IEEE1620 1
IP Core 1
Image Composition. 1
Image colorization 1
Image compression 1
Incremental Difference Feature 1
Inrush currents 1
Instability 1
Intelligent Systems 1
Interconnect 1
Interpolation 1
Inverted-F antenna (IFA) 1
JPEG 2000 1
Kaiser Window 1
Koyama Public Key Cryptosystem (PKC) 1
LDPC codes 1
LDPCpulsed- OFDM 1
LSP (Label Switch Path) 1
Lease file 1
Light Triggering thyristors 1
Light source 1
Line Loss 1
Linear regression Analysis 1
Lipreading. 1
Load Dispatch Planning 1
Load forecast uncertainty 1
Local Agent 1
Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) 1
Low Pass Filter 1
Low pass filter (LPF) 1
Low profile antenna 1
MDS algorithm 1
MDS current applications 1
MDS types 1
MPLS .path -recovery 1
Macro-gate 1
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1
Magnitude Response 1
Main channel 1
Market concentration 1
Market power 1
Measurement 1
Memetic algorithm 1
Michelson Interferometer 1
Mobile robot 1
Modelsim 1
Moment 1
Monte- Carlo analysis. 1
Multiuser 1
Natural Gas Expansion Planning (NGEP) 1
Network equivalent technique 1
Neural Network 1
New Model Variable Frequency Transformer (NMVFT) 1
Non-thermal plasma 1
up-solid down-solid
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This paper presents the speed control of a separately excited DC motor using Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC). The  Fuzzy Logic Controller designed in this study applies the required control voltage based on motor speed error (e) and its change (ce). The performance of the driver system was evaluated through digital simulations using Simulink. The simulation results show that the control with FLC outperforms PI control in terms of overshoot, steady state error and rise time.
Topics: DC motor, chopper, FLC.
Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) method is an advanced, computation intensive PWM method and possibly the best among all the PWM techniques for variable frequency drive applications. The SVPWM is an alternative method for the determination of switching pulse width and their position. The major advantage of SVPWM stem from the fact that, there is a degree of freedom of space vector placement in a switching cycle. This feature improves the harmonic performance of this method. This...
Topics: SVPWM, 7-Segment SVM, 5-Segment SVM, Two -Level Inverter, SIMULINK
This paper proposes a genetic algorithm optimization technique for optimal placement of distributed generation in a radial distribution system to minimize the total power loss and to improve the voltage sag performance. Load flow algorithm and three phase short circuit analysis are combined appropriately with GA, till access to acceptableresults of this operation. The suggested method is programmed under MATLAB software. The implementation of the algorithm is illustrated on a 34-node radial...
Topics: Distributed Generation, Line Loss, Voltage Sag, Genetic Algorithm, and Radial Distribution network
This paper presents a Marathi database and isolated Word recognition system based on Mel-frequency cepstral coefficient (MFCC), and Distance Time Warping (DTW) as features. For the extraction of the feature, Marathi speech database has been designed by using the Computerized Speech Lab. The database consists of the Marathi vowels, isolated words starting with each vowels and simple Marathi sentences. Each word has been repeated three times by the 35 speakers. This paper presents the comparative...
Topics: CSL, MFCC, DTW, Spectrogram, Speech Recognition and statistical method
Data mining helps to find predictive information from large databases. Companies use predictive modeling tools for strategic decision-making. It helps companies to identify and account for the key assumptions that drive business value—enabling good decision making that leads to predictable results. By analyzing the company’s historical information we can anticipate these changes. This paper aims at providing a proposed data mining solution that can be used for automotive market, especially...
Topics: Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, Linear regression Analysis, WEKA
This paper presents an alternative approach for the design of linear phase digital low pass FIR filter using Particle Swarm Optimization with Constriction Factor and Inertia Weight Approach (PSO-CFIWA). FIR filter design is a multimodal optimization problem. The conventional gradient based optimization techniques are not efficient for digital filter design. Given the filter specification to be realized, PSO algorithm generates a set of filter coefficients and tries to meet the ideal frequency...
Topics: FIR Filter, PSO, GA, Optimization, Magnitude Response, Convergence, Low Pass Filter
This paper presents a new soft-switched resonant dcdc converter using a passive snubber circuit. The proposed converter uses a new zero voltage and zero current switching (ZVZCS) strategies to get ZVZCS function. Besides operating at constant frequency, all semiconductor devices operate at soft-switching without additional voltage and current stresses. In order to validate the proposed converter, computer simulations and experimental results were conducted. The paper indicates the effective...
Topics: ZVZCS, resonant, converter, semiconductor, current switching, snubber
The conventional line commutated ac-to-dc converters/ inverters have square-shaped line current which contains higher-order harmonics. Moreover, it requires a costly and bulky dc inductor or choke. The line current with the high harmonic contents generates EMI and therefore itcauses more heating of the core of distribution or power transformers. Alternatively, PWM based inverters using MOSFET/IGBT switches can be used for the above purpose. However, apart from higher switching losses, the power...
Topics: grid connected inverter, total harmonic distortion (THD), simulink, line current
Devices such as power electronics converters, inject harmonic currents in the AC system and increase overall reactive power demanded by the equivalent loads are presents non-linear characteristics. Also, the number of sensitive loads that require ideal sinusoidal supply voltages for their proper operation has increased. In order to keep power quality under limits proposed by standards, it is necessary to include some sort of compensation. The aim of this paper is to present a unified power...
Topics: unified power quality conditioner, fuzzy logic controller, powewr quality, dc link voltage
Spectrum analysis is very essential requirement in instrumentation and communication signal interception .Spectrum analysis is normally carried out by online or offline FFT processing. But the FFT being highly mathematical intensive, is not suitable for low area and low power applications. Offline FFT processing can’t give the real time spectrum estimation which is essential in communication signal interception. Online FFT computation takes very high resources, which makes the system costly...
Topics: FFT, Goertzel algorithm, Spectrum Analysis, VHDL, XilinX ISE, Modelsim, Spartan 3E-FPGA board.
In this paper with the help of Matlab/Simulink and dSPACE, the Switch-Mode DC Converter is built in real-time to control the output voltage of the controller using PWM algorithm. First, the Simulink model of Switch-Mode DC Converter (i.e. Single-Pole and Two-Pole Converter Model) is built and, after verifying the results, it is implemented in real-time. Next, a DC motor is connected to the output terminals (i.e. Phase A1 and Phase B1) of the Power Electronics Board such that a variable voltage...
Topics: Single-pole, Two-pole, dSPACE
The objective of this work is to propose an image denoising technique and compare it with image denoising using ridgelets. The proposed method uses slantlet transform instead of wavelets in ridgelet transform. Experimental result shows that the proposed method is more effective than ridgelets in noise removal. The proposed method is effective in compressing images while preserving edges.
Topics: ridgelet, slantlet transform, image denoising, compression, huffman, edge
Due to increasing industrialization quantity of waste water is increasing at alarming rate while compositions of such waste are being more and more complex. Disposal of such waste must follow suitable treatments so that qualities of effluent for disposal follow requisite standards. Such Standards for effluent are discussed and a case study for a beverage producing plant is reported.
Topics: industrial waste, eco-friendly disposal, effluent standards, law enforcement, waste minimization.
These paper presents the dynamic operation of a novel control scheme for Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) based on a new full model comprising a 48-pulse Gate Turn-Off (GTO) thyristor voltage source converter for combined reactive power compensation and voltage stabilization of the electric grid network. The novel controllerfor the STATCOM presented in this paper is based on a decoupled strategy using the direct and quadrature components of the STATCOM current. The complete digital...
Topics: 48-pulse GTO thyristor model STATCOM, novel decoupled control strategy, reactive compensation,...
Variable Frequency Transformer (VFT) is a controllable bi-directional transmission device that can transfer power between asynchronous networks. It avoids both HVDC link and FACTS based power transmission control system. Basically, it is a rotatory transformer whose torque is adjusted in order to control the power flow. In this paper, a simulated model of VFT is used as a controllable bidirectionalpower transmission device that can control power flow through the connected asynchronous power...
Topics: Variable frequency transformer (VFT), MATLAB, Asynchronous power systems, Power flow.
Harmonic Elimination in a multilevel inverters is an optimization problem which is solved by applying particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique. The derived equation for the computation of total harmonic distortion (THD) of the output voltage of the multilevel inverter is used as the objective function in PSO algorithm. The objective function used is to reduce the THD of the multilevel inverter and obtain the corresponding switching angles with the elimination of possible lower order...
Topics: selective harmonic elimination(SHE), particle swarm optimization(PSO), Total harmonic...
This paper presents a study of harmonic filters design procedure to minimize harmonic distortion caused by a harmonic source such as drives. The non – linear load considered in this paper is six pulse rectifier load. Design and simulation procedure with respect to this load is explained in details. Several types of shunt harmonic filters are presented. Shunt filters are effective in minimizing voltage distortion caused by nonlinear loads in industrial power systems. Different alternatives of...
Topics: Harmonics, passive shunt filters, single tuned filter, high pass filter, filter rating
The phase frequency detector has been designed for high frequency phase locked loop in 180 nm CMOS Technology with 1.8V supply voltage using CADENCE Spectre tool. A Virtuoso Analog Design Environment and Virtuoso LayoutXL tools of Cadence have used to design and simulate schematic and layout of phase frequency detector respectively. Architecture of phase frequency detector (PFD) has simulated to get low dead zone and low power consumption. A layout has designed by above tool and DRC by Assura....
Topics: Phase locked loop (PLL), Phase frequency detector (PFD), Charge pump (CP), Voltage controlled...
Scaling of metal-oxide-semiconductor transistors to smaller dimensions has been a key driving force in the IC industry. This work analysis the gate leakage current behavior of nano scale MOSFET based on TCAD simulation. The Sentaurus Simulator simulates the high-k gate stack structure of N-MOSFET for analysis purpose. The impact of interfacial oxide thickness on the gate tunneling current has been investigated as a function of gate voltages for a given equivalent oxide thickness (EOT) of 1.0...
Topics: MOESFET, inelastic trap assisted tunnelling, gate tunneling current, High-k stack
Software metrics is applied evaluating and assuring software code quality, it requires a model to convert internal quality attributes to code reliability. High degree of complexity in a component (function, subroutine, object, class etc.) is bad in comparison to a low degree of complexity in a component. Various internal codes attribute which can be used to indirectly assess code quality. In this paper, we analyze the software complexity measures for regression testing which enables the...
Topics: Software Complexity, Software Metrics, Regression Testing, Control Flow Metrics1
A distribution system is an interface between the bulk power system and the consumers. The radial distribution system is popular among these because of its low cost and simple design. The voltage instability in the power system is characterized by a monotonic voltage drop, which is slow at first and becomes abrupt after some time when the system is unable to meet the increasing power demand. Therefore to overcome these problems capacitors are used. The installation of the shunt capacitors on...
Topics: Electrical Distribution Network, Optimal Capacitors Placement, Dimension reducing distribution load...
In this paper, two different Wavelet based Image Compression techniques are compared. The techniques involved in the comparison process are WDR and ASWDR. The above two techniques are implemented with different types of wavelet codecs. Wavelet difference reduction (WDR) has recently been proposed as a method for efficient embedded image coding. This method retains all of the important features like low complexity, region of interest, embeddedness, and progressive SNR. ASWDR adapts the scanning...
Topics: Wavelet Image Compression, WDR, ASWDR
Humans are able to process a face in a variety of ways to categorize it by its identity, along with a number of other demographic characteristics, including race, gender , and age. Experimental results are based on a face database containing subjects. Race and gender also play an important role in face-related applications. Experimental results are indicated that participants categorized the race of the faceand this categorization drives the perceptual process. A face image data set is...
Topics: race identification, PCA, face recognition
The continued speed improvement of serial links and appearance of new communication technologies, such as ultra-wideband (UWB), have introduced increasing demands on the speed and power specifications of high-speed low-tomedium resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).This paper presents the design of high speed and ultra low power comparator of a 4-bit ADC. The comparator used is Threshold Inverter Quantization (TIQ) consuming less than 145μW power with the input frequency of 1GHz and...
Topics: SoC, CMOS, ADC, TIQ.
The sensor nodes in a wireless sensor network are normally microcontroller based which are having limited computational capability related to various applications. This paper describes the selection, specification and realization of a wireless sensor node using the field programmable gate array (FPGA) based architecture for an early detection of hazards (e.g fire and gas-leak ) in mines area. The FPGAs in it’s place are more efficient for complex computations in compare to microcontrollers,...
Topics: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), system on programmable chip (SOPC), FPGA
In the deregulated electricity market, each generating company has to maximize its own profit by committing suitable generation schedule termed as profit based unit commitment (PBUC). This article proposes a Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization (PPSO) solution to the PBUC problem. This method has better convergence characteristics in obtaining optimum solution. The  proposed approach uses a cluster of computers performing parallel operations in a distributed environment for obtaining the PBUC...
Topics: deregulated market, profit based unit commitment, particle swarm optimization, distributed...
In this paper an attempt has been made to study the application of Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) to mitigate small signal stability problem in addition to congestion management of a heavily loaded line in a multimachine power system. The Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices such as TCSC can be used to control the power flows in the network and can help in improvementof small signal stability aspect. It can also provide relief to congestion in the heavily loaded line....
Topics: Congestion management, Particle Swarm Optimization, Small Signal Stability, Thyristor Controlled...
In this paper, a novel technique is applied to detect fault in the transmission line using wavelet transform. Three phase currents are monitored at both ends of the transmission line using global positioning system synchronizing clock. Wavelet transform, which is very fast and sensitive to noise, is used to extract transients in the line currents for fault detection. Fault index is calculated based on the sum of local and remote end detail coefficients and compared with threshold value to...
Topics: Wavelet transform, transmission line faults, power system protection, fault transients,...
This article presents a 3rd current-mode quadrature oscillator using current controlled current conveyor transconductance amplifier (CCCCTA) and operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) as active element as active elements. The proposed circuit is realized from a noninverting lossless integrator and an inverting second orderlow-pass filter. The oscillation condition and oscillation frequency can be electronically/orthogonally controlled via input bias currents. The circuit description is...
Topics: oscillator, current-mode, CCCCTA, OTA
Power system performance is affected by dynamic characteristics of hydraulic governor-turbines during and following any disturbance, such as occurrence of a fault, loss of a transmission line or a rapid change of load. Accurate modelling of hydraulic System is essential to characterize and diagnose the system response. In this article the mathematical modeling of hydraulic turbine is presented. The model is capable to implement the digital systems for monitoring and control replacing the...
Topics: mathematical modeling, simulation, hydraulic turbine
Nowadays high strength and high performance concrete are widely used in many civil engineering constructions. To produce them it is required to reduce the water/powder ratio and increase the binder content. Superplasticizers are commonly used to achieve the workability. Silica fume is one of the popular pozzolanas used in concrete to get imporved properties. The use of silica fume in conjuction with superplastisizers has become the backbone of high strength and high performance concrete. An...
Topics: high strength concrete, high performance concrete, superplastcizer, silica fumeI.
The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists
by A. Padma Sravani, Dr. M. Satyam
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In this paper, a built-in self repair technique for word-oriented two-port SRAM memories is presented. The technique is implemented by additional hardware design instead of traditional software diagnostic procedures and the computation time is minimized. A built-in self-test (BIST) is used to detect the faulty locations which are isolated immediately after detection. Therefore, the redirection process can be executed as soon as possible. Spare rows are used to replace the faulty rows. The...
Topics: SRAM, two-port memories, PVT faults, fault isolation, BISR
Organic Field-Effect Transistors, OFETs, attract much interest recently and their proficiency and hence applications are being enhanced increasingly. However, only analytical model of old field-effect transistors, developed for silicon-based transistors, and their relevant numerical analyses have been used for such devices, so far. Increasingprecision of such models and numerical methods are essential now in order to modify OFETs and propose more effective models and methods. This study pegs at...
Topics: Organic Field-Effect Transistors, IEEE1620, Pentacene, ATLAS (Silvaco) simulator
A refined space vector modulation scheme for multilevel inverters, using only the instantaneous sampled reference signals is presented in this paper. The proposed space vector pulse width modulation technique does not require the sector information and look-up tables to select the appropriate switching vectors. The inverter leg switching times are directly obtained from the instantaneous sampled reference signal amplitudes and centers the switching times for the middle space vectors in a...
Topics: dual-fed induction motor, space vector PWM, sampled sinusoidal reference signals, triangular...
Physical layout automation is very important in VLSI’s field. With the advancement of semiconductor technology, VLSI is coming to VDSM (Very Deep Sub Micrometer), and the scale of the random logic IC circuits goes towards million gates. Physical design is the process of determining the physical location of active devices and interconnecting them inside the boundary of the VLSI chip.The earliest and the most critical stage in VLSI layout design is the placement. The background is the rectangle...
Topics: Placement problems, Memetic algorithm, wire length minimization, area minimization.
Modern embedded systems are built around the soft core processors implemented on FPGA. The FPGAs being capable of implementing custom hardware blocks giving the advantage of ASICs, and allowing the implementation of processor platform are resulting in powerful Configurablesystem on chip(C-SoC)platforms. The Microchip’s PIC microcontroller is very widely used microcontroller architecture across various embedded systems. The implementation of such core on FPGA is very much useful in CSOC based...
Topics: CPU, RISC, IP Core, IC, MXE, Xilix.
The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists
by Mr. Sadananda M P and Mr. Sudeep Manohar
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The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) provides a framework for passing configuration information to hosts on a UDP network. Computers that are connected to IP networks must be configured before they can communicate with other hosts. The most essential information needed is an IP address. DHCP eliminates the manual task by a network administrator. DHCP is based on the Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP), adding the capability of automatic allocation of reusable network addresses and additional...
Topics: DHCP, BOOTP, DORA, Lease file, security, CUnit, TCP, UDP and IP address
The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists
by Harish Kumar, Piyush Kumar and Kaushal Kumar,Venkat babu G
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In this paper a proposed of design and analysis of Finite impulse response filter using Hyperbolic Cosine window (Cosh window for short). This window is very useful for some applications such as beam forming, filter design, and speech processing. Digital FIR filter designed by Kaiser window has a better far-end stop-band attenuation than filter designed by the other previously well known adjustable windows such as Dolph-Chebyshev and Saramaki, which are special cases of Ultraspherical windows,...
Topics: Digital FIR filter, far-end stopband attenuation, side-lobe roll-off ratio, window technique,...
Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) has been designed with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) system. A closed loop control scheme has been proposed with PI controller and real and reactive powers are taken as references. A 48 pulse voltage source inverter is designed for the SSSC. Control scheme for the chopper circuit of SMES coil is also designed. A three area system is taken as the test system and the operation of SSSC with SMES is analysed for various transient...
Topics: SSSC, SMES, Transient stability, voltage source inverter, closed loop control
Variable frequency transformer (VFT) is used as a controllable bidirectional transmission device that can transfer power between asynchronous networks and functionally is similar to back-to-back HVDC. This paper describes the basic concept of a New Model Variable Frequency Transformer (NMVFT). NMVFT is a new technology which is used for v/f control of induction motors. A digital simulation model of  NMVFT and its control system are developed using MATLAB. The out power thus generated in v/f...
Topics: Variable frequency transformer (VFT), Asynchronous, New Model Variable Frequency Transformer...
Due to the increasing interest on renewable sources in recent times, the studies on integration of distributed generation to the power grid have rapidly increased. In order to minimize line losses of power systems, it is crucially important to define the location of local generation to be placed. Proper location of DGs in power systems is important for obtaining their maximum potential benefits. This paperpresents analytical approaches to determine the optimal location to place a DG on radial...
Topics: Analytical approach, distributed generation, radial systems, optimal placement, power loss
In this paper we present 1D and 2D systolic Distributed Arithmetic (DA) based structures that are designed for the implementation of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters. The paper compares the 1D DA based systolic structure with 1D systolic DA based decomposition method. The filters are implemented on a Xilinx Virtex II Pro (XC2VP30) FPGA using HDL and system metrics like Area, Gate Count, MaximumUsable Frequency and Power consumption are estimated for different filter orders and address...
Topics: Distributed arithmetic (DA), Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), Finite Impulse Response (FIR)...
The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists
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This paper presents 1-bit full adder cell in emerging technologies like FinFET and CNFET that operates in the moderate inversion region for energy efficiency, robustness and higher performance. The performance of the adder is improved by the optimum selection of important process parameters like oxide and fin thickness in FinFET and number of carbon nanotubes, chirality vector and pitch in CNFET. The optimized CNFET-based full adder (OP-CNFET) has higher speed, lower PDP (power-delay product)...
Topics: Variability, power-delay product (PDP), moderate inversion region (MIR), optimized FinFET-based...
Using the Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC), Human Factor cepstral coefficients (HFCC) and their new parameters derived from log dynamic spectrum and dynamic log spectrum, these features are widely used for speech recognition in various applications. But, speechrecognition systems based on these features do not perform efficiently in the noisy conditions, mobile environment and for speech variation between users of different genders and ages. To maximize the recognition rate of speaker...
The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists
by Feras Ahmad Hanandeh and Majdi Yousef Al-Shannag
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This paper presents a simplified form of UML state diagrams for modeling agent mobility. Mobile agent has gained more importance technology. The notations used to model agent mobility are focused on capturing agent creation, mobility paths and current agent location. In this paper, we demonstrate how the simplification of the state UML 2.0Activity Diagrams can be used for modeling mobile agent applications. The paper concludes with the appropriateness of the presented approach for modeling...
Topics: UML State Diagrams, Agent Mobility, UML Sequence Diagrams
In this paper we introduce a method for part-ofspeech disambiguation of Persian texts, which uses word class probabilities in a relatively small training corpus in order to automatically tag unrestricted Persian texts. The  experiment has been carried out in two levels as unigram and bi-gram genotypes disambiguation. Comparing the results gained from the two levels, we show that using immediate right context to which a given word belongs can increase the accuracy rate of the system to a high...
Topics: genotype, machine translation, part of speech disambiguation, word class probabilities
The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists
by Durbadal Mandal, Debanjali Sadhu and Sakti Prasad Ghoshal
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Circular antenna array has gained immense popularity in the field of communications nowadays. It has proved to be a better alternative over other types of antenna array configuration due to its all-azimuth scan capability, and a beam pattern which can be kept invariant. This paper is basically concerned with the thinning of a large multiple concentric circular ring arrays of uniformly excited isotropic antennas based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO) method. In this paper a 9...
Topics: Concentric Circular Antenna Arrays, Particle Swarm Optimization, Thinning, Sidelobe Level
DBNorma [1] is a semi automated database normalization tool, which uses a singly linked list to store a relation and functional dependencies hold on it. This paper describes possible algorithms that can be used to normalize a given relation represented using singly linked list. Thesealgorithms are tested on various relational schemas collected from several research papers/resources and output validated. We have also determined the time required to normalize a given relation in 2NF and 3NF and...
Topics: Relation, functional dependency, normalization, normal forms.
The problem of control associated wind energy conversion systems using horizontal-axis fixed-pitch variable speed low-power, working in the partial load region, consisting in the energy conversion maximization, is approached here under the assumption that the wind turbine model and its parameters are poorly known. Intelligent gradient detection method by using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) fuzzy control approach is proposed control solution aims at driving the average position of the...
Topics: MPPT, wind energy, optimal control, WECS
We present in this paper a very fine method for determining the location of a ground based target when viewed from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). By determining the pixel coordinates on the video frame and by using a range finder the target’s geo-location is determined in the North- East-Down (NED) frame. The contribution of this method is that the target can be localized to within 9m when view from an altitude of 2500m and down to 1m from an altitude of 100m.This method offers a highly...
Topic: UAV Applications
The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists
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A key element to the success of any organization is the ability to continuously improve its business process  performance. Efficient Business Process Redesign (BPR) methodologies are needed to allow organizations to face the changing business conditions. For a long time, practices for BPR were done case-by-case and were based on the insights and knowledge of an expert to the organization. It can be argued that efficiency, however, can further be achieved with the support of automatic process...
Topics: Process Mining, Business Process Redesign, Business Process Management
The optimal allocation of rural energy resources to various energy end users is an important aspect for  bridging the energy supply and demand gap in India. It has been observed that allocation should be channelized by multiple criteria. In this paper a multi objective programming model for such an allocation process is presented. A standard model has been applied for rural sector of Malnad region of Shimoga District, Karnataka state. The data used for the analysis is obtained from detailed...
Topics: Rural energy resource allocation, multiple objectives, Goal programming, Sustainable development.
Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) is a gap graded mix, characterized by high coarse aggregates, high asphalt contents and polymer or fiber additives as stabilizers. In comparison to dense graded mixtures SMA has higher proportion of coarse aggregate, lower proportion of middle size aggregate and higher proportion of mineral filler. It resists permanent deformation and has the potential for long term performance and durability. In the present study, an attempt has been made to study the resilient...
Topics: stone matrix asphalt, coconut fibre, repeated load indirect tensile test
Due to aggressive scaling and process imperfection in sub-45 nm technology node Vt (threshold voltage) shift is more pronounced causing large variations in circuit response. Therefore, this paper presents the analyses of various popular 1-bit digital summing circuits in light of PVT (process, voltage and temperature) variations to verify their functionality and robustness. The investigation is carried with ±3ó process parameters and ±10% VDD (supply voltage) variation by applying Gaussian...
Topics: Carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNFET), transmission gate (TG), random dopant fluctuation...
This paper solves reliability constrained unit commitment problem (UCP) for a composite power system network using network equivalent technique. Here, the integration of generation and transmission system reliability forms a composite power system model. The inclusion of load forecast uncertainty for the solution of unit commitment problem will give more accurate assessment of spinning reserve (SR). Probabilistic techniques help in setting the reserve requirement which is defined by reliability...
Topics: Composite generation and transmission system, Genetic algorithm, Load forecast uncertainty, Network...
In this paper, a combined approach where low density parity check (LDPC) codes are used to reduce the complexity and power consumption of pulsed orthogonal frequencydivision multiplexing (pulsed-OFDM) ultra-wideband (UWB) systems is described. The proposed system uses LDPC codes to achieve higher code rates without using convolution encoding and puncturing thereby reducing the complexity and power consumption of pulsed-OFDM system. The LDPCpulsed- OFDM system achieves channel capacity with...
Topics: Low Density Parity Check (LDPC), pulsed orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (pulsed-OFDM),...
In clayey soil region of Malwa (M.P.), normally footing rest on yellow soil strata having low bearing capacity. Environmental changes have great impact on the behavior and strength parameter of the yellow soil. skirted footing in which vertical walls surrounds sides of the soil mass beneath the footing, is one of the recognized bearing capacity improvement technique. Construction of vertical skirts at the base of the footing, confining the underlying soil, generates a soil resistance on skirt...
Topics: Bi-angle shape skirted footing, model footing, two way eccentric load, bearing capacity, no tilt...
Silicon photonics is the integration of integrated optics and photonics IC technologies in silicon. Silicon photonics has recently attracted a great deal of attention since it offers an opportunity for low cost solutions for various applications ranging from telecommunications to chip-chip inter connects. Two keys to this advancement are the increased speed of communications (now at the speed of light) and the increased amount of data that can be transmitted at once (i.e., bandwidth). Silicon...
Topics: silicon photonics, Light source, silicon waveguide, silicon modulator, Photo detector, indirect...
This work is about the analysis of dead time variation on switching losses in a Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) synchronous buck converter (SBC) circuit. In high frequency converter circuits, switching losses are commonly linked with high and low side switches of SBC circuit. They are activated externally by the gate driver circuit. The duty ratio, dead time and resonant inductor are the parameters that affect the efficiency of the circuit. These variables can be adjusted for the optimization...
Topics: PSpice Simulation, Resonant Gate Driver, Synchronous Buck Converter, Switching Losses
The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists
by Prof. Hapse Manik M., Dr. A.G. Thosar, Prof. Sanjay M. Shinde and Prof. Satish A. Markad
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This paper analyzes the probability distribution of wind speed data recorded by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) wind farm at Ahmednagar (India). The main objective is to validate the wind energy probability by using probability distribution function (PDF) of available wind potential. The wind speed is measured with the help of three anemometers S30, S45, S60 placed at 30 m, 45 m, and 60 m height. Mean values are recorded and stored for every hour using a Data logger. For accounting...
Topics: probability distribution function, weibull distribution, maximum likelihood, lognormal...
Fast delay estimation methods, as compared to simulation techniques, are needed for incremental performance-driven layout synthesis. On-chip inductive and conductive effects are becoming predominant in deep submicron (DSM) interconnects due to increasing clock speeds; circuit complexity and interconnect lengths. Inductance causes noise in the signal waveforms, which can adversely affect the performance of the circuit and signal integrity. Elmore delay-based estimation methods, although...
Topics: Moment, Delay calculation, Interconnect, RLCG, VLSI
Generation Expansion Planning (GEP) is one of the most important issues in long-term power system planning. In from past, investigators noticed to GEP and supply of energy. In power system planning, generation expansion planning is  performed for 5-yrears planning horizon or more. There are two main objective functions in GEP. First is the minimization of investment cost and another one is the maximization of reliability. GEP use future likeable engineering economics function, in order to...
Topics: Combines Cycle Generation Technology (CCGT), Generation Expansion Planning (GEP), Load Dispatch...
This paper presents a novel fuzzy control scheme applied to shunt active power filters for harmonic and reactive power compensation. A TSK type fuzzy logic controller is proposed for APF reference current generation. To control the maximum switching frequency of the converter within limit a novel fuzzy hysteresis band current controller is used. The band height, based on fuzzy control principle is changedwith the value of supply voltage and slope of reference current.
Topics: active power filter, nonlinear load, TSK type fuzzy controller, harmonics, indirect current control...
This paper reports improved performance of discharge plasma in filtered engine exhaust treatment. Our paper deals about the removal of NOX emissions from the diesel exhaust by electric discharge plasma. For the treatment of diesel exhaust a new type of reactor referred to as cross-flow dielectric barrier discharge reactor has been used, where the gas flow is perpendicular to the corona electrode. Experiments were conducted at different flow rates ranging from 2 l/min to 10 l/ min. The discharge...
Topics: Electric Discharge, Dielectric Barrier Discharge Cross Flow Reactor (CFR), NOX removal, Filtered...
Distributed databases have become the most essential technology for  recent business organizations. In most of the cases Distributed Databases are developed in a Bottom- Up approach, fragmentation exists beforehand. The optimum allocation of those fragments is the only way, which can be exploited by the designers to increase the performance, efficiency, reliability and availability of the DistributedDatabase in the realistic dynamic environment, where the access probabilities of nodes to...
Topics: Distributed Database, Fragmentation, Dynamic Fragment Allocation, Distributed Transaction, Local...
In this paper, a new active snubber circuit is developed for PFC converter. This active snubber circuit provides zero voltage transition (ZVT) turn on and zero current transition (ZCT) turn off for the main switch without any extra current or voltage stresses. Auxiliary switch turns on and off with zero current switching (ZCS) without voltage stress. Although there is a current stress on the auxiliary switch, it is decreased by diverting it to the output side with coupling inductance. The...
Topics: Power factor correction (PFC), soft switching (SS), ZCS, ZCT, and ZVT
A novel example-based process for automated colorization of grayscale images using texture descriptors (ACTD) without any human intervention is proposed. By analyzing a set of sample color images, coherent regions of homogeneous textures are extracted. A multi-channel filtering technique is used for texture-based image segmentation. For each area of interest, state of the art texture descriptors are then computed and stored, along with corresponding color information. These texture descriptors...
Topics: Image colorization, Fuzzy C-means clustering, Gabor transform, CBIR
Seamless interoperability between two dissimilar networks requires handoff from one network to the other. Such handoffs are known as vertical handoffs. Vertical handoff introduces a shift in the approach to handoffs. It deals with handoffs between dissimilar networks, such as from an access point to a base station or vice versa. The integration of diverse but complementary cellular and wireless technologies in the next generation of wireless communication systems requires the design of...
Topics: Vertical Handover, Base Stations, Signal Strength, Unused Bandwidth, Handover Decision Vector
In this work, the end-to-end performance of an amplify-and-forward multi-antenna infrastructure-based relay (fixed relay) system over flat Rayleigh fading channel is investigated. New closed form expressions for the statistics of the received signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) are presented and applied for studying the outage probability and the average bit error rate of the digital receivers. The results reveal that the system performance improves significantly (roughly 3 dB) for M=2 over that for...
Topics: Diversity, fading channel, moment generating function(mgf), outage probability.
There is often a requirement to fabricate thin glass plates for prototyping purposes in a research lab. For example to make a prototype of an optic filter there is a need to fabricate a number of thin glass plates and in most moderately equipped optic research laboratory there is facility to etch these glass plates, but lacks instruments to measure its thickness. Our main purpose is to design a system which is cost friendly and is capable of measuring the thickness with a resolution lesser than...
Topics: Thickness, Measurement, Electronic System, Optic Device, Michelson Interferometer
This work deals with modeling and simulation of fourteen bus system employing D-STATCOM for power quality improvement. The improvement in voltage stability with D-STATCOM is presented. A 11 level inverter based DSTATCOM is proposed to reduce the harmonics in the output. Voltages at various buses with and without D-STATCOM are presented. The simulation results are compared with the analytical results.
The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists
by Prof. Shreedhar A. Joshi , Dr. Rukmini T S , and Dr. Mahesh H M
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The performance of Multiple-input Multiple-output (MIMO) systems can be improved by employing a larger number of antennas than actually used or selected subset of antennas. Most of the existing antenna selection algorithms assume perfect channel knowledge and optimize criteria such as Shannon’s capacity on bit error rates. The proposed  work examines Antenna diversity and optimal/ sub optimal receive strategy in antenna selection. The numerical results for BER, Information capacity with SNR...
This paper investigates the problem of dynamic multiuser subchannel allocation in the downlink OFDM systems. In traditional TDMA or FDMA systems, resource allocation for each user is non-adaptively fixed. Since the subchannel allocations among the users are not optimized, a group of users is likely to suffer from poor channel gains resulting from large path loss and random fading. To resolve this problem a low-complexity adaptive subchannel allocation algorithm is proposed in this paper. By...
Topics: OFDM, Sub-Channel, Multiuser, Variable Data Rate.
With the explosive growth of international users, distributed information and the number of linguistic resources, accessible throughout the World Wide Web, information retrieval has become crucial for users to find, retrieve and understand relevant information, in any language and form. Cross- Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) is a subfield of Information Retrieval which provides a query in one language and searches document collections in one or many languages but it also has a specific...
Topics: Cross Lingual Information Retrieval, Heuristic Method, Text Categorization
This paper presents a novel voltage mode (VM) first order Single input three output multi function filter employing second generation current conveyor transconductance amplifier (CCII-TA). The proposed circuit employs only one active element, one grounded capacitor and three resistors. The angular pole frequency of the proposed circuits can be tuned electronically with the help of bias current. The proposed circuit is very appropriate to further develop into an integrated circuit. Sensitivity...
Topics: Second-generation Multiple output current conveyor transconductance amplifier (CCII-TA), Analog...